So Long Sweet Summer

Tonight after supper, bath time, and pajamas we all got ready, put on sweaters and went out for a walk.

The air was crisp. Fall is coming.

That means the leaves will turn colours, then fall off for us to build piles and jump in. There will be pumpkins to carve, and if you’re lucky enough to live by a Starbucks there are Pumpkin Spice Lattes to drink. If you aren’t near a Starbucks (which I sadly am not yet) then there is another warm beverage waiting for you to wrap your hands around and enjoy. There are sweaters to bundle up in, boots to be bought, and scarves to wear, I have a rather large collection and cannot wait to enjoy them all. There is the happiness of Thanksgiving to enjoy, gathered around with friends and family sharing just what it is you are thankful for. There is the joy of watching kids run around dressed up on Halloween and politely demand candy from neighbours. Then there is the pure amazement while you watch blustery winds sweep in and steal the last few days before winter sets in.

I love fall almost as much as I love winter.

It makes my heart happy to think of those things and I look forward to enjoying them because before you know it I will be posting about Christmas and Graysen’s birthday.

Time flies by much too quickly. Learn to embrace it.

Sure the blustery days of fall aren’t my favourite and the thought of bundling up to watch my kid play in the leaves isn’t exactly topping the lists of things I could do but those are the things we take for granted. Some day Graysen will be too big to jump in leaves and the blustery days are the ones that bring us closer together as we snuggle up inside.

I am actually happy to see summer go, I find it a hectic time of year. The nice weather tends to make us feel like we always need to be on the go and we just get so caught up we forget to enjoy each other.

So until next year, so long sweet summer.

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