What’s your focus point?

What is the focus point in your living room? For most of you it is your television (and my living room is no exception). What I have noticed is that the “older generation” have mirrors or pictures as the focus point.

Previous generations have better self images, more confidence, and way better role models. We are doing it all wrong. We are telling our kids to focus on what TV tells them, not to look at themselves in the mirror and know that is enough. We encourage the centerpiece of their everyday lives to tell them lies, show them how to dress, what shampoo, or makeup to use. I have been thinking a lot about how different girls would be if they didn’t have a TV staring at them in the main room of their house and their bedrooms. They would probably read more books, listen to better music, play more sports, be confident that who they are is good enough for the world.

My 15 month old can pick up the remote and say TV… He gets to watch maybe 30 minutes of TV a day (and normally this only happens a few days a week) and he knows what it is called. It made me stop and think the first time he said it, he has a lot of toys, books, and we spend plenty of time outside but he knows what the TV is. When we have a house I don’t want the focus of my children’s main living area to be a TV, I want them to be creative and confident. I want them to know that they are good enough just the way they are. That society doesn’t matter. I want them to look in the mirror and be proud of what they see because they are themselves and not what the TV told them to be.

Let’s focus on communicating in our main living spaces and encouraging our kids. If you don’t have another space to move your TV then try limiting the amount it is on. Make your kids use their imagination and speak their mind. Let them be kids.

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