Plan. Adapt. Sleep.

I haven’t written in a long time. Part of me wants closure on the current health issues before writing again but I don’t have answers yet and need to write.

Here is how my night has gone. Babysitter arrived at 6 and we left. Went out for supper with my husband, then grabbed some ice cream and went for a drive, wasted a few minutes at Wal-Mart and came home. Chatted with the babysitter then Graysen woke up. Babysitter left and Michael got changed to head into work. Eventually put the baby down and got a decaf coffee, piece of cheesecake and turned on the computer. Graysen was still screaming so I gave him Advil and a bottle and he continued to scream. He eventually settled and fell asleep (with the hiccups which was odd but they stopped!) Now I am sitting here with cold coffee and trying to write and as you can see from my last paragraph I am not doing so well at it!

As you can imagine this is not the way I planned my quiet evening to go and now I am way too tired to do anything but go to bed.

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