Let the rain fall down around me

I love rain.

Have you ever stood outside and enjoyed the rain? Yes, you will get wet and sometimes it is cold but it is such a blessing to live in a place where we don’t worry about droughts and the complications that come without rain. When it rains there is a smell in the air that is indescribable, there is a peace that comes with just standing there letting the rain wash over you.

We often associate rain with storms and negativity but if you have ever spent any time outside letting yourself go while the rain is falling around you then you know it is not always a storm or some horrible thing that is going to ruin your day. I urge you the next time there is a warm rain (don’t want to encourage a cold rainy day & make you sick!) to get out and stand in the rain. You can sing, dance, pray, laugh, cry, I don’t care what you do just embrace the beauty of the rain. After standing in the rain I often feel refreshed and just have a new outlook on things.

With a toddler I spend most rainy days inside or dashing from the car to inside because it is a hassle to get soaked with a toddler. This summer I plan to go outside barefoot during a warm rain and enjoy it with my sweet boy and hope that he will grow up to love the rain as much as I do!

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