One Thousand Ninety Five

Every year around this time I like to reflect on how much our lives have changed. Tomorrow it will be four years since Michael proposed to me with a ring that I still love today and next week we will celebrate our third anniversary. 

1,095. The number of days we will have spent married. I can’t sit here and tell you it has always been “peaches and cream” because like any marriage we have gone through rough patches, may it be with friends, family, each other, jobs, money, or the other little details that consume our everyday life. 

I do not have regrets, simply lessons learned.

Out of the four girls and four guys who stood next to us the day we wed we still have good relationships with three.. one a cousin, one a brother, and one a friend. The truth is life takes people in different directions and relationships suffer. For some of them they ended on unfortunate terms on both ends and others life just landed us in different places. For the friendships that ended on difficult terms I have realized that it will not benefit any of us to hold grudges or try to one up each other. I do not regret spending our day with any of those people because at that point in our lives they were the best friends we had and I am thankful for the memories we enjoyed together and lessons we learned. Regardless of where any of us are today they will all forever be part of my life story and my children will look at my wedding pictures and ask their names. So if they are reading this know that no matter what has happened between us I am thankful for our time together and your support leading up to and on the day I married my best friend. 

Over the past three years we have each gone through a few different jobs and made new friends, we have had financial highs and lows, and days that we wanted to kill our families, we have started a family and moved provinces. At the end of three years I am thankful for each of these events because they have made our relationship stronger, they have tested our limits, and made us search for who we are together and apart.

In three years so much can change and decisions that seemed so important now don’t matter at all. How many roses should be in each bouquet? What color and style bridesmaids dresses? Who should sit at each table for dinner? What will we eat for dinner? How much money do we need? None of that matters now and the questions have changed. Where am I going to work? Do we need a second car? Should we put Graysen in daycare? What’s for supper? Do we have any diapers? No matter the questions life is good!

One thousand ninety five days. Twenty six thousand two hundred eighty hours. Life can pass you by quickly but embrace it and learn to live without regret. Image

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