Proper car seat use can save a life!

It’s been over a week since I have sat down to write and I am not really sure where the time has gone. Today is a snow day and everyone is just enjoying being lazy so I figured this is the time to write. I am sure with my luck half way through this post we will lose our power and this won’t get posted but hopefully not! 

I recently started watching the seasons of Teen Mom, I told Michael it was because I didn’t have enough drama in my life and the show offered up more than enough! It has been interesting to watch and see just how crazy some people can actually be! What annoys me about the show is the amount of car seat misuse! I know there are a lot of uneducated people when it comes to car seat safety but on the show I have seen loose & twisted straps, straps being too high or too low, seats improperly installed, the incorrect stage of a seat used for a child, and much more. 

If you aren’t sure if your child is in the right seat or if the seat is installed correctly there are so many resources out there that can help you. Why would you want to risk the life of your child because you were in a rush or just didn’t want to make time to see a car seat technician? Yes all seats meet the same safety requirements but if they aren’t installed properly they are useless.

Car seat safety is a topic that gets to me, so many people just blow it off and don’t do the research. Did you know that just because the law in Canada states your child needs to be 22lbs, 1 year old, and walking unassisted to be forward facing does NOT mean that you need to turn them around when they hit those requirements! My little man is 23lbs, 1 year old, and has been walking unassisted for 2 months but I have no plans on turning his seat to a forward facing position anytime soon. People make excuses saying their child’s legs are too long and they are uncomfortable or they don’t like facing backwards, if your child has never been any other way they don’t know the difference. Graysen is 32 inches long and yes his legs are already bent a little bit at the knees in order to continue to rear face however he isn’t uncomfortable and isn’t even aware there is another way to sit! I am hoping he slows down his growth in the next year so we can make it closer to 2 before I turn him around but I will deal with it when he out grows his seats limits.

Yes that is an option, to wait until he out grows his seats rear facing limits before turning him around. What is the rush? If I were to turn him around and ended up getting in an accident his little body wouldn’t handle the impact very well and the probability of him leaving in an ambulance with a broken neck is pretty good. If he is rear facing the seat will take the impact and protect his little body and we MIGHT be dealing with a broken leg which heals much easier. 

Please take the time to consider the risks involved in early forward facing, improper car seat use, and the use of an expired seat! You could be making a life or death decision when deciding if your child is old enough, big enough, mature enough, for the next car seat stage. 

If you have any questions and aren’t sure where to find the answers please let me know I can offer quite a few resources to help you in your decisions!

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