The best things in life come from the kitchen

Baking is what I do when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, happy, sad, mad… No matter my emotion baking is my outlet. I love to try new recipes and find what works together and what doesn’t however I also love to do it without gluten. Having Celiac Disease has greatly altered the way I bake and there is nothing more I hate than flour in my kitchen. 

Flour explodes everywhere when you scoop into it causing the air to become contaminated, which no doesn’t bother me but it gets everywhere and I don’t feel safe in my kitchen. That being said I live with two people who have no problem with flour and one little boy who currently needs the nutrients found in wheat (or so my doctor says!). So last week I went out and bought a bag of flour to make my little man a birthday cake. I cringed just picking the bag up at the grocery store. I seriously hate it.

Now that it is in the house and the store has been out of gluten free flour I found myself baking with it today (No I don’t allow it in my KitchenAid or Bread maker). As I scooped into it I held my breath and closed my eyes, if someone was watching they would probably roll their eyes but I have a fear of it. Michael loves bread, wraps, and baked goods resulting in a lot of contamination of my tiny kitchen!

If we ever build a house my ideal kitchen would be gluten free and have a separate prep area for all snacks & meals containing gluten. I don’t care if I have to paint a line down the counter I hate flour. 

No matter my hate there is currently a beautiful aroma of banana bread floating through the apartment and I will have one happy husband & son later! 


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