What is truly important?

This weekend was busy but in a way that I am thankful for! In the midst of the busyness I found myself wishing I had time to sit down and write. Thoughts have popped into my head over the last few days that I wanted to let out but I didn’t have time so I started to compile a list of topics to write about. However now that I have taken the time to sit down none of those things are appealing to me.

It’s funny how our brains work and how quickly our thoughts and feelings can change. Just observe the life of a one year old! This weekend there were definitely a few changes in feelings and emotions. We watched our little boy quickly turn from a tiny baby into a one year old in what seems so much shorter than a year. It was bittersweet to spend it with some of our friends and family while others couldn’t make it. However in the end of it we are both so happy to have this boy in our lives and having us all together is what is most important to us.

In the (almost) three years we have been married it has been incredible to see where we have placed the word “important”. Knowing now what is truly important to us makes me look back and shake my head at the people we use to be. A trip to Florida, a new car, an apartment downtown, a new purse, or pair of jeans, they are all just things. Things that never had the impact the sweet 8lb 7oz little boy has! He has changed our priorities, our views, our budget, and our day to day lives. He is important to us no matter what else is going on around us. I just wish we would have realized before we wasted all that money those things would mean very little in a few short years!

One thing that has remained constant in those years is how important my husband is in my life. I am incredibly thankful for him and our marriage. He is willing to do anything for me (even if I have to ask 15 times!) and would give me the world if I told him it was in the budget! I love watching him play with Graysen, even if its just long enough for me to change a diaper. It makes me so proud to see the amazing Dad he has become. I would move mountains to see him smiling but thankfully it doesn’t take that or I would be incredibly strong some days! He works weird hours at a job he doesn’t love but still comes home and has enough left over for Graysen and I. It breaks my heart to see him upset or disappointed over something and it is in those moments that I am so aware of the intense feelings I have for him. He is the love of my life and I am so thankful to have him as the father of my children (If there are more! NO I am not pregnant!).

I love knowing I have people, beliefs, opinions, that will constantly be important. I must remember to keep my focus on them and not try to fill my life up with other not so important things!

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