Every little things gonna be alright.

This week I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and defeated. My sweet little boy has been teething and then ended up sick. I didn’t think it was too bad then his eyes starting draining puss, became red and clearly irritated, he was uncomfortable and still teething. So yesterday I took him to the doctor to find out his temperature had spiked, he had an infection in both eyes, a throat infection, a cold and was still teething. 

He had just started sleeping through the night again when a week later the teething kicked in and we were back to being up multiple times a night. I was exhausted. So illness was not exactly welcomed. We also have friends and family coming this weekend to celebrate his FIRST birthday! Yes my boy is going to be ONE! Being exhausted while getting ready for company is not a good mixture. I have dishes to do, laundry to fold, floors to clean, toys to pick up, and a boy who didn’t want to be put down! So the mess piled up and today it stared me in the face but I left it, my boy was feeling better after the all the medications kicked in and I just wanted to sit down without him crawling all over me whining. So tonight my living room is straightened, there are 3 baskets of clean laundry to be folded and put away and another in the dryer, a load of blankets to be washed to eliminate the return of infection, a kitchen piled high with dirty dishes, a bathroom that could use a good scrubbing, and all I wanted to do is ignore it. So I did. 

Tomorrow I am hoping to wake up with a new perspective and feel energized enough to accomplish the things I need to. Thankfully my boy will get to spend some time with his daddy, which I love listening to the giggles from both of them! 

The medications are working, 3 out of 4 teeth have at least broke through the gums a bit, he hasn’t woke up since he went to bed four hours ago, there may be hope. Until then I rest assured knowing that if my friends and family care that much if my laundry is folded or my bathroom is shining they have never met a boy as sick as mine was earlier this week and they can get up on their high horse and ride off into the sunset! 

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for only one purpose… to support the ultimate career.” – C.S. Lewis

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