& this is where I find peace.

Have you ever been told to “go to your happy place”?

I have a happy place. If you have ever been to downtown Charlottetown you may understand why this is my happy place. It is a different world within those streets, there is so much character and it is absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what season it is I love being there. In the winter months the snow covers the trees and it seems so cozy, the streets are quiet and the tourists are few and far between. Summer is completely different, the streets are filled with tourists, the smell of food drifts through the open air, the sun beams down, but yet in a city full of hustle and bustle you can always find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy whatever you may be drinking.

I cannot tell you why or how this became my happy place but I love to put my headphones in and just walk. I grab a Starbucks beverage and just soak up my surroundings. I love sitting at the Confederation Center of the Arts with music pouring in my ears, watching the people, it is incredibly peaceful for me. I miss that place. I have yet to find a happy place here and my heart aches for it. When I leave downtown Charlottetown I feel refreshed like I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

I think Charlottetown has a very unique downtown core and the people have made it what it is today. I loved living there and I am so very glad that it is my happy place. Trust me I know how incredibly boring the place can be when you want something exciting to do though! Charlottetown needs more options for entertainment but for now I will enjoy the fact that it leaves me feeling happy.

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